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Winter 2021 Round 2

Caspers Sub Zeros

Friday night proved a tough night out for Caspers Sub-Zero against a dynamic Mets Wannabeez side.

Despite some great early pitching by Phill and fantastic work on 3rd base by Todd, consistent but unspectacular hitting by Mets got them off to a strong start.

Things settled down in the middle innings and Caspers came back with a strong batting dig to close the gap and put victory in reach.

Unfortunately streaky hitting and lightning fast base running by Mets combined with some errors in the field let Mets back into the game.

Highlight of the game was probably Blake stealing home from third, bringing the spectators to life. Caspers legend Scotty Walsh was heard to say, with a tear in his eye, “ I used to be able to do that!”

Koby did a great job in the closing pitching to keep us in the game, but we couldn’t claw it back and went down 7 - 12 to a strong opposition.

As always, big thankyou to our scorers and spectators, and Clay and Phill for umpiring the early game.

Caspers Wolfpack

Round 2 and the Wolf Pack took on the Red Sox Railcats at Gilchrist.

Phill Rosser did all the work on the bump pitching out the game and only allowing 2 runs with some great defensive work done by Sam at third and Flynn’s big catch in left field.

The team backed up the pitching effort by putting numbers on the board helped by Liam’s massive hit to the outfield fence the pack scored 19 runs before the score eventually reverted back to comfortable 13-2 win.

Great work by the team who are hungry for our next game.


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