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Round 1 Catch up!

Lee Richardson Cup

Over 35's

Caspers Barbarians

Round 1 for the newly formed Caspers Barbarians took place at Moorebank against the Moorebank Royals. The team included four brand new players to the club, some old favourites and two friendship players from the Ghosts. We started with some brilliant batting displays from Lesleigh who hit a massive one into left field which saw Trevor into third base. Followed on by Willie with another great hit to take first blood and get Trevor across the plate. We then took to the field with Trevor taking some strikes on the mound with some sensational catching from Willie. Alas, Moorebank scored a consecutive 5, then 6 across the plate in the next two innings. Innings 3 and 4 saw our Ghosts friends team up to pitch and catch. Luke pitched 3 up 3 down which included a text book throw from Daniel in short stop to Damien in first base to tag out a runner. Wednesday night in-field drills are paying off for our new guys. We got 5 across the plate in the third innings but it wasn't enough with Moorebank taking the choccies in this round.

We all had a very enjoyable game and can't wait to play again next Friday.

Thanks to our awesome scorer Neisha for making the journey to help us out.

Caspers Crusaders

The defending Div 2 Champions Caspers Crusaders took the field on Friday Night against the defending Div 1 Champions, the Mets Wiffles to start their 2020-21 campaign with a lot of familiar faces and a few new players who were added in the offseason by the Caspers' advanced scouting department to improve the team. Welcome to the team David C, David H, Glen McK and Will B. Nerves were already on edge for the start of the season but were made worse of the news that regular starting pitcher Phill R was still on holidays and last year's breakout pitcher Baden S had been traded to the other Caspers side. The news that worried the team even more was that regular 1st baseman Ian E had been given the ball for the opening day assignment. The game was a see-sawing affair with timely hits from all of the Caspers players which more than compensated for the fielding that at times was like something from an ESPN highlight reel....and at other times similar to the ESPN blooper reel. Going into the bottom of the last inning the Crusaders were down by a few but as customary from last season they once again managed to hit the ball hard to bring in 3 runs meaning that the game ended in a 10-all draw against a Wiffles team that would have fancied themselves to have easily won. Many Thanks to the small but vocal crowd that came out to cheer the team on. Thankyou also to our scorer Liam and to the River Turtles who supplied the umpires. Hope to see more of you next week to cheer the old boys on when we take on the Red Sox.

Aussie T-Ball

Caspers Raptors

Such a good first game today guys buy our RAPTORS well done to all the boys, although we had some off field run offs from our youngest player Koby and some best friend arguments from Kade and Tommy everyone did amazing. The player of the week today was Finnick, he played unreal, listened everytime and was really proud to see how shy he was at his first training session to how much he has opened up well done and the game he had just brung it home! Awsome job ⚾️

Caspers Turbos

This weeks game, saw our tough little Turbos take on the mighty Caspers Raptors. Both teams played their best with some really big hits from the Turbos that were picked up with some great fielding from the Raptors..

We had some very big hitters this week and some great fielding work by all of the Turbos!

Well done to Chayse for being this weeks Player of the week.

We are so impressed with how our whole team performed this week, you honestly wouldn’t think that any of these kids haven’t played before.


Caspers Grasshoppers

For round 1 the Grasshoppers travelled up the Hume to Moorebank to take on the mighty Mets Rivercats. We batted first and it was obvious straight away that the Grasshoppers training is paying off at the Tee. Every player got a hit into the outfield led by Dexter who hit a massive double baser past centre field.

Charlotte took out player of the week for responding quickly and correctly to all the plays while in pitcher. Bennie took out the Maccas award for working hard and consistently chasing down the ball in the outfield and pitcher.

We're all looking forward to round 2! Go Grasshoppers!

Caspers Cyclones

Caspers Cyclones tballers took on Moorebank to open their 2020/21 summer season. The kids have been training hard, learning the ropes and improving their skills along the way. The team played well together, with some great hits finding the gaps. Congratulations to AJ that received the teams player of the week award. Can’t wait to see these boys build on their skills throughout the season.


Caspers Sandlot

Well the 2020/21 season for Sandlot started hot thanks to the great people at Little Buddies Early Learning kitting us out in some fancy threads!!

Jean, Haylee and TayTay were there to present the Sandlot with their new undershirts for the season. A massive thank you to everyone from Little Buddies for their support this year!!

But we then quickly turned to business in the local derby against the Casper/Ghosts Hellraisers.

After a solid start with the bat, Noah was good on the mound making short work of the first innings. The second inning saw some more good hitting and patient at bats and Sandlot was in control and never let go.

Excellent with the bat this week was Rookie Carter, Nicola, Harry, ChickenWing (Tommie) and Bray, with Jacob having some very good at bats.

Seth was a wall behind the plate, and Bray pitching to Chris for the last inning closed out a great start to the season.

Keep it going Sandlot!!!

Saturday Seniors

Caspers Cartel

Caspers Cartel faced a full strength Mets Marauders at home at the Casperdome. We started with Gordo putting on a pitching master class with James at catcher and restricted the Mets to just a couple across the plate. At bat, we took it to the Mets and managed 5 across the plate. Second innings highlight was Daz charging hard for an infield double. No one could stop him and he managed to steal home from third on a loose ball. The Mets thought they may have met their match, but managed to sneak home for a hard fought 13-11 win. Damien also stood out with some massive hits. Its only a matter of time before he finds the other side ofcthe fence.

Although the Cartel lost, the team worked hard and worked well together. Everyone had a lot of fun and we can't wait to play again next week.


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