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Round 5 and 6 - Summer 21/22

Caspers Blog Round 5 and 6 Summer 2021/2022

Lee Richardson Cup

Over 35s

Caspers Barbarians

Round 5

Barbarians took on Moorebank Royals at Moorebank on Friday night. We were the home team so took on fielding duties first. With Willie taking on catching duties and Andrew on the mound, we held the Royals to just one across the plate. Barbarians responded with some great batting but Dave was run out at third and a fly ball from Gus was caught and they got a double play tagging Willie off the base at first.

Second innings was similar with sensational pitching from Andrew, tags at first by Dave and an amazing catch by Damo in centre field. Again we held Moorebank to only one across the plate. Things were heating up.

Our 2nd innings bat was almost a carbon copy of the first with a big hit by Andrew but Trev hit a fly ball which was caught and they got another double play.

We held them 0 in the third with another sensational catch by Damo in centre field. We got our first across the plate after Damo hit a double baser to right field and was advanced by James and Dave.

The 4th innings saw Gus come off injured but we still held Moorebank to only 1 across. The score was tight at 3 - 1.

The fifth saw Barbarians get 2 across the plate with double base hits from Andrew and Damo. But unfortunately Moorebank also got 2 across to finish the game with Moorebank taking the chocolates 5-3.

It was a tight, low scoring game. But we are very proud of our efforts. We are very much looking forward to our next game.

Thank you to Neisha for scoring and to Les for assisting with the base coaching, cheering and wrangling. Thanks also Daniel and Liz for helping to get Gus home after he was injured.

Caspers Crusaders

Round 5

Crusaders came back after another long break, stingers also looking like they were back after a long break!

As usual, our sketchy hitting didn’t help us much at the start, although Josh got some nice hits and Keno kept us in touch with great base running.

Dave obviously took some hints from Kynan’s running and decided he could beat out the 3rd baseman’s throw to home , turning a gift out into a run in our favour - who are we to question what he was thinking ? Phill tested his pitching knee by getting 5 hits - opposition batters that is. In amongst the beamers was some nice pitching that often went unrewarded by the umpire - can’t be too critical of the ump given he was obviously more worried about getting hit by Phill then actually calling strikes.

Nice fielding by Josh at 1st , great hustle by Corey and Clay in the outfield, Baz keeping it tight at 2nd , and a miracle* tag Kynan kept things close on the scoresheet (*miracle = safe) Blake was rock solid behind the plate as usual and our batting fired up in the last inning to put 5 across and run out winners 11-5.

Thanks Neisha for scoring.

Round 6

An under-manned Crusaders took on a strong Red Sox Vikings with the intent to keep our unbeaten season going.

Great pitching by Glenn got us off to good start and the defence was solid.

As usual, our batting was patchy to start with, but we warmed up pretty quickly to keep in the contest.

One strong offensive innings from Vikings put them ahead and we had to chase hard.

Phill took over pitching and kept us close enough to be in it right until last innings. Consistent hitting from whole lineup got us back within a couple but time ran out for us.

Great hitting from Josh, and strong pitching from Glenn and Phill were the highlights of a tough game playing down on numbers.

A big thanks to Ian for scoring, making a special effort to get to the game after car troubles - thanks Ian.

Also thanks to Ben for subbing for us, much appreciated.

Also a big thanks to Phill and Josh for umpiring the late game.

Aussie T-Ball

Caspers Crcocdiles

Round 5

Beautiful morning for T-Ball this morning. It was great to play at our home ground AND in our new jerseys sponsored by 'Little Buddies Early Learning Centre' for the first time this season!

It was a bit of a rocky start with our base running - but that gives us something to work on at training this week! We came good in the second innings - and it was pretty smooth sailing from there.

Zoe was obviously fresh from her time off, and showed great hustle at catcher.

Luke and Hendrix formed a great combo at pitcher and 1st Base - and really started to get things together towards the end of their innings in those positions.

Declan and Bailey's hitting improves every week - and they were outstanding with the bat today and are improving every week on getting themselves set up without much help from me.

Sylvia was as up-beat as ever. Her listening at training is showing in games and her skills in all areas keep on getting better every week. She definitely earned our Player of the Week award this week.

Mason earned the Dugout Award for his listening and solid play in every position he was asked to play today. He listened to what I asked him to, and always got the ball back to the tee when he played catcher.

Thanks as always to all of the parents for the help today. Well done Crocodiles - you're all learning so much so quickly!

Round 6

Caspers Crocodiles - Round 6

Good morning all A quick update on our kidlets game yesterday... Zoe and Bailey received our player of the week awards this week; Zoe’s great effort throwing back to home from first base during fielding and running the bases during batting is improving each and every week!

Bailey’s throwing, running (and everything) was awesome! His restraint in going after the ball has improved tremendously – good work Bailey!!

Aiden, Mason and Hendrix did fantastic jobs on home plate... getting the ball and putting it back on the tee quickly (most of the time ). Good hustle boys!

Was great having Aiden back this week!

And Luke, despite being a bit tired pushed through supporting his team and as usual showed us his awesome batting skills. Thanks Luke!

Big thanks to Glenn, Chris, Malcolm and Rose for their help on the field and parents helping in the from the sidelines!!

All in all a super fun morning and great game.


Caspers Grasshoppers

Round 5

Caspers Grasshoppers Vs Red Sox Defenders.

What a beautiful day for a game of baseball. The Grasshoppers were keen to play after such a long break over Christmas. We were the away team against the Red Sox Defenders at Moorebank and it was the first round without the Tee as back up.

Grasshoppers batted first but found it tough to connect to the ball.

We fielded well and restricted the Red Sox to just one run. Oscar was electric on first base with a couple of classy tag outs.

Our subsequent batting innings were the same as the first where we struggled to connect to the ball. Lucas managed a great hit down the 1st base line but sadly straight into the first base mit and was tagged out. We managed to hit some fouls too which means that we're starting to get our eye in and our timing right.

Red Sox got four across in the 2nd innings but the next three innings we held them to zero.

The final score was 7-0. But it was a great effort from the whole team who have had minimal training and game time. Every time we take the diamond, we improve.

A huge thanks to Carl for taking the coaching reins today, Meg for scoring, Kirsty for the photos, Glenn for base umpiring, Ross and Carl for base coaching and a huge thank you to Ross and Eric for going out of their way to give me a lift to and from the game and carry all my gear for me.

We're all looking forward to the next game.

Round 6

Grasshoppers Vs Red Sox Naturals

There is a lot to unpack from the game today but the Grasshoppers continue grow in strength and skill and we really took it to the Red Sox despite the final scoreline.

Highlights from the game include a screamer of a catch by Dexter in Short Stop, a tight run out at first by Rhyan, the big hit deep into outfield by Travis, the run out at 2nd base by Chris in Short Stop and the sensational hits from no less than 9(!!!!) of our players which saw us with loaded bases at one point and Tilly, Chris and Beau crossing home plate to score us three runs.

The game started slowly with neither team scoring in the 1st innings. However, the Red Sox scored 2 in the 2nd. We replied with our own with Chris crossing home plate for the first time in the 3rd. Red Sox got another home in the 3rd to bring the score to 3-1 Red Sox way as we entered the top of the 4th innings. We got Tilly and Beau home in the 4th while Red Sox also got 2 more home. The score was a tight 5-3 Red Sox way. In the 5th it was open innings. Sadly the Red Sox found their timing with the bat and got another 6 on us where we could not get anymore home.

The final score was 11-3. But we had the Red Sox working hard to get the better of us for the majority of the game. The last time we met in Round 1, they got us 16-1.

The Grasshoppers are quickly finding their feet in this form of the game and it is only a matter of time before we take the chocolates. This will be a game we all talk about for a long time, I'm super proud of the entire team.

A big thank you to Kirsty for the fabulous photos, to Libby for the awesome scoring and to Carl, Liam and Ross for the sensational coaching and base coaching. Also, thank you to Kel and Meg for delivering me to and from the game.

I can't wait for our game next week ⚾️😃


Caspers Sandlot

Round 5 this week was a bye for Sandlot.

So Sandlot took the opportunity to flex their muscle by challenging their parents to a (not so friendly) game.

There was plenty of deep heat, strapping and groaning from the parents dugout early, but they took it to Sandlot, with some excellent pitching, big hitting, aggressive base running, tipped only by their sledging.

Sandlot held their own though, hitting the ball hard, pushing plenty of runs across of their own.

Despite the one sided scoreline, it was a fun day and a great chance for bragging rights.

Round 6 saw Sandlot up against an undermanned Red Sox Rockhounds.

But despite fielding 8, Rockhounds we’re ready for a fight and took it to Sandlot early.

Nicola took to the mound to start, with a strong outing. Sandlot took an early lead and never let it go. Bray closed the game out with another solid effort on the mound.

Some strong hitting by all of Sandlot along with some great base running meant a comfortable 16-5 win.

Player of the week went to Zachy for his first career hit and RBI- great job Zachy!!!

Thanks to everyone for bringing the noise!!

Saturday Seniors

Caspers Cartel

Round 5

On Saturday, Cartel took the highway and made the journey to Bogabilla for a fun game against Bankstown Braves, without the presence of our fearless leader Gus to guide us! Thankfully Shaun and Trevor took on the mantle!

The first innings didn’t go to plan, with three batters in and three batters out! But spirits were high and the game continued!

The second innings began strong with Will and Shaun being our first two runs in! Great hits out to 9 by Shaun and Damien kept the Braves on their toes, not know what to expect!

Some more great pitching ensued, a great catch by David W and an amazing play by Graeme kept the score tight!

Our batting continued strong in the third with hits by Chris and James, safely getting on base!

Some fantastic pitching by Chris in the third, 6 pitches with three outs, kept the teams spirit high in the heat!

A great play by Trevor on third kept the score tight throughout the fourth innings!

Unfortunately we did go to down in the end, but it was a battle the team were proud to face!

Special mention to David M, who played catcher for the first time, for the entire game!

Great game Cartel


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