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Winter 2021 Round 1!

Caspers Sub Zero

Caspers Sub Zero game report Caspers Sub Zero definitely bring a mix of the old and the new, and that combination delivered a nice start to the winter season.

The old guard (some older than others!) delivered with the bat against some tough initial pitching, and Phill produced an outstanding pitching display of his own to always keep us ahead of the opposition. New guys Tainan, Koby and Todd all made great contributions with glove and bat.

Todd kept local windscreen suppliers happy (one Red Sox Last Picks player not so much ), Koby’s batting and base running kept the opposition on the back foot all night, and Tainan capped off a great night with some standout pitching to close out the game.

Combined with rock solid defence across the whole park, and consistent if unspectacular hitting, Caspers Sub Zero secured a comfortable win in the end, 16 - 3.

Thanks to De for scoring, Todd and Phill for umpiring the early game, and all our great spectators for cheering us on.

And just in case the young-uns didn’t make us feel old enough, we look forward to Rheya joining us next game!

Caspers Barbarians

Welcome back sports fans to Round 1 of the inaugural MBL Friday night winter comp.

Due to school holidays and off field injury, the Barbarians took to the diamond with a bare 7 against Bankstown at Boggabilla. We welcomed the return of Nathan after a year off and Trev returning from a season ending injury in the summer comp. We also welcomed Jodie to the team in her first ever game of baseball.

Trev opened the pitching with James taking on the catching duties. Trev warmed up quickly and managed a number of good strikes, coupled with a great catch from Damo in left field to get our second out, however gaps in the field allowed Bankstown to get 5 across in the first.

Trev opened the batting followed by James who attempted a courageous steal to third base but getting tagged in a line call - so close but spectacular to watch.

The second innings saw Bankstown get another 5 across but then in was Jodie's turn at the bat. She was the star of the night as the only Barbarian to make it home which earned her the Maccas award from Neisha (void if used - sorry ). Nathan came up to bat, he was keen to get a good hit but was hit by pitch on the foot. He asked the umpire if he could just keep batting - great spirit but there's always a ball to be hit next week.

The final innings had Damo come in to pitch and he really lit up the plate getting three out and holding Bankstown to 1 for that innings. Our last at bat ended in tears (almost) when Les decided to attempt to catch a fast ball while at bat... possible broken thumb, we're not sure. But its a good cautionary tale to everyone to use your bat when your batting, not your hand.

Final score was 17-1 loss but it was definitely our best game of the season and a lot of laughs. Thanks to Bankstown for coming to the party and taking into account our lack of numbers and experience. It really did set the tone of a super friendly game.

Looking forward to next week.


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