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Round 12 Catch up!

Lee Richardson Cup

Over 35s

Caspers Barbarians

We had the early game on on Friday at Woodlands against an in-form Mets Phantoms. Luke started off our pitching and threw some brilliant strikes but wasn't able to convert them to outs in the first and Mets got 5 across. At bat, we had no trouble getting bat to ball, however, Mets fielders seemed to be where our balls went and we couldn't get any across the plate. The 2nd innings was a carbon copy of the first. However, in the third, Damien hit a double baser deep into centre field which got us some traction on the diamond. Unfortunately we still could get across the plate. Ben managed to get home in the fourth for our only run on a badly placed hit from Gus which saw him get out on first but he recorded his first RBI for the season.

Regardless of the result, it was a fun game with friendly banter and good humour from both sides. Its always a good laugh and heaps fun playing with the Barbarians. Thanks to James and Mel for umpiring the late game.


Caspers Grasshoppers

It was a grey, damp morning as the Grasshoppers descended on Moorebank to take on the Royals. We were fired up to get the season underway again. It was obvious straight away that our training is paying off with our players making quick decisions and fast throws to get some good outs. At the bat everyone is continuing to hit really well with some massive hits from Steve, Jaxon, Rhyan and Dexter who was last batter and managed to hit two home runs in the 1st and 3rd digs. It was fantastic to watch two equally talented teams battle for the runs and tagging each other out.

The Inspirational Design Joinery player of the week went to Oscar K who shone in left field with tenacious fielding and good throws to 2nd and 3rd base. The maccas award went to Charlotte for her outstanding efforts in 1st base.

Thank you as always to our team sponsor Little Buddies Early Learning Centre and to Nathan, Grant for your assistance and Kirsty for your fabulous photos and video footage.


Caspers Sandlot

After a week off with the weather, Sandlot this week looked to start their run into the post season with a tough game against the undefeated Mets Giants at Catherine Fields.

As the warm ups were finished, the skies opened a little with a persistent drizzle the whole game making pitching and fielding difficult.

Sandlot started well, plating 3 runs in their first inning following some patient at bats, good aggressive running and some timely contact.

Jess again took the ball on the hill, with 2 quick outs until the Giants came back to level the scores before the inning was over.

Sandlot again hit back hard, scoring 4 runs again with some good at bats and excellent running.

Sandlots next inning was what determined the result; strong pitching backed up by great fielding limited the Giants to only 1 run for the inning- the highlight a passed ball scooped up by Seth and fired back to Jess to make the out at the plate!

Sandlot again batted well in the third to put the game beyond doubt for the good guys and girls in Green. After a little hiccup to start, Noah closed the game out for an 11-6 win for Sandlot.

Highlights for the game was the play at home, 2 RBI hits for Carter, patient at bats from Chris, Nicola and Harry, Tommie’s RBI, Bray’s double and the improvements to Jacobs game.

A thoroughly deserved win Sandlot. The Post Season is not far away and we will keep working on maintaining the fun and teamwork. Keep it up!!!


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