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Round 15 Catch Up!

Lee Richardson Cup

Over 35s

Caspers Barbarians

The Barbarians were home team at Boggabilla on Friday night against the Moorebank Royals. An early start and traffic issues meant we played short for the 1st innings and the Royals took advantage with every ball they hit going deep into the outfield. What a work out!

2nd and 3rd innings we had a full deck and managed to push back with some brilliant in field tags from James at third, Daniel at short stop and a sensational catch from Jamie at 2nd.

We had some good strikes at bat, particularly from Luke and Ben on the third who opted to bat lefty and brought some runners home. As usual we had a great time but it wasn't to be our night.

Thanks Les for scoring and Gus for hanging back to help Anthony umpire the late game.

Aussie T-Ball

Caspers Raptors

Another day of our little Raptors taking on another season of the great Australian weather. Today we took on the Camden Rookies in what started as damp wet game, but gradually cleared into some enjoyable overcast weather.

Both our boys and the Rookies weren't phased by the misty rain. We both all ended up having 5 rounds of batting and fielding due to all of us speeding through the innings and just catching up on some washout rounds. It was great to just see all the boys out there enjoying one of their last rounds.

This weeks players of the match went to 2 of our Raptors.

Firstly we have Jacob. With a slow start, Jacob got better and better as the game went on. Showing big hits, great fielding and did a tremendous job listening while being catcher. Very impressive effort right across the board today!

Next we have Eli. Today he showed his long range hits in all rounds. And is another player that just comes in and gets the job done without being told in any position. Great listening today as well. All our boys are showing a brillant effort when listening and are sharing the fielding roles and positions between them. Keep up the great work!!


Caspers Grashoppers

Grasshoppers were out at Hilder again on Saturday against the Red Sox Cubs. We had a full complement and the kids came ready to play.

Once again they put their training into practice and fielded beautifully.

Tilly got a great tag at first base, Jasper and Eric did a magnificent job in all positions they played in. Jasper's batting is really coming along with solid hits every time which earned him the Inspirational Design Joinery player of the week.

Steve and Dexter both managed double base hits as well. Thank you to Daz, Nathan, Dave, Liam for your assistance with warm ups and on the field and Kirsty for the amazing photos.

Thank you also to our team sponsor Little Buddies Early Learning Centre.

Saturday Seniors

Caspers Cartel

The Cartel were home at the Casperdome on Saturday afternoon against the Mets Astros. For the first time this season we were playing with a bare 7. However, the Astros only had 7 as well. A fair match up, or so we thought. Unfortunately the Astros out gunned us in every play and every way.

We were down on pitchers so after Damien pitched, James got on the mound to do some damage. Then Gus got in to have a go to finish off the 3rd innings. It was painful to watch (I would imagine). But he eventually got the 3rd batter out thanks to a miss hit and throw to James at 1st base.

(Big) Will pirtched the 4th with some good strikes for a first time pitcher. We managed 2 across the plate with some sensational hits from Liam, Gordo, Daz, Damien and James. However, it wasn't to be.

It was a tough day on the diamond and the team worked really hard with the resources we had. A great learning experience and everyone still had a huge smile on their dials at the end.

Thanks Les for scoring both Caspers games and thanks Gus and Liam for sticking around to umpire the 2nd game... Someone else's turn next week.


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