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Round 14 Catch Up!

Lee Richardson Cup

Over 35's

Caspers Barbarians

It was a warm muggy evening at Moorebank with a forecast of showers and possible storms threatening to wash us out for the umpteenth time this season. However the weather gods favoured the game and we were champing at the bit to get out on the diamond.

We were up against the Camden Braves who have shown good form all season. We were home team, so fielded first. We kept them to 2 thanks to a sensational double play from De on first base and brilliant pitching from Damien. We replied with one of our own across the plate, with Willie striking first blood.

The second innings, the Braves managed only 2 while we got a full 5 across the plate. Unfortunately in the third the Braves found form and got 7 across while keeping us to a donut. The score was now 9-6 in favour of the Braves. In the fourth, Braves were restricted to 3 across thanks to great pitching from Ben. We made it to the fifth innings and saw a chance to get back into the game with open digs. We had the Braves with 2 out and only one across the plate, we were up to bat soon and were looking to capitalise. However, time was against us and the game ended before we could get back to bat. The final score was 12-6 loss to us against a formidable opponent. But we showed some real tenacity and took it to them early with a real chance at the end. It was a game to be proud of. Thanks to Ben and Luke for umpiring the early game and Les for scoring.

Aussie T-Ball

Caspers Raptors

Today our Raptors ventured out to Catherine Field to what looked like a sceen from Jurassic Park. There was fog as far as we could see, to the point where we couldn't even see across the whole field.

We took on the Camden Kings, who had just as many players as us. But today we all turned it up a big knotch, and the game went quicker and smoother than ever.

All of our Raptors turned on their ears for listening and all of our batting practices are really begining to show. The hits from everyone today were incredible! They all should be so proud of themselves.

This weeks players of the week went to 3 of our little super stars again.

Firstly we have Jaxson. Jaxson today, his listening was the best we had ever seen it. He had minimal collisions on the field and his hits were incredible.

Next we have Finnick. For someone small in physique he sure knows how to hit the ball and hit it hard and far. Your hits today were superb, and your fielding equally as impressive!

Lastly we have Tommy. Being our tallest player, you just hit the ball just as far as anyone else can. Today you were the best listener, and i didnt even have to tell you any directions, you just knew what to do and did it. Your fielding today was the best its been, you let others have a turn to get the ball as well.

A job well done again today, topped off with lollipops for all the boys from Isaacs nan. That i know they all were excited for!


Caspers Grasshoppers

The Grasshoppers had a full complement when we took on the Mets River Cats at Hilder Reserve. Even though it is late in the season, everyone turned up keen and ready to play. We took to the field first and again, our training shone through with quick decisions, solid fielding, throwing and base play across the board. At bat, we had solid hits from everyone with Rhyan, Dexter, Steve, Tilly and Jaxon all hitting monsters into the outfield. Oscar Rixon was amazing in short stop and 3rd base, even catching a thrown ball from Dexter and getting a player out. He earnt the Inspirational Design Joinery player of the week for his efforts. Tilly was equally impressive at pitcher and earned the Maccas award.

It was another high quality game from the Grasshoppers and everyone had a blast out there on the diamond.

Thank you as always to the usual suspects, Daz, Chris, Nathan and Kirsty. And thank you again to our sponsor Little Buddies Early Learning Centre.


Caspers Sandlot

It was a battle of the top two this week, with Sandlot taking on Red Sox Hot Rods at the Casperdome. With only 3 weeks to go in the regular season, this game was important to decide the placings going into the finals.

A steamy morning greeted the players, leading to a slow warm up but that didn’t stop their intent out on the field, and produce what was really a high quality game from both teams.

Batting first, it was important Sandlot scored some runs early. Noah led off hitting the ball hard starting us off. Some good pitching and fielding from the Hot Rods kept the Sandlot to only 1 run with some strong at bats.

Jess took to the hill to start us off, and was hitting the zone early and often. Backed up by a strong Sandlot field, the Hot Rods were only held to 1 run.

In the second inning the Sandlots bats really woke up, with hits from Tommie, Seth and a ground rule double from Noah pushed 3 runs across the plate.

Jess dominated the second inning, making short work to prevent any runs being scored. Sandlot were able to score another run in the top of the third, before the Hot Rods used a big inning to tie the scores up.

Sandlot were patient, with some quality at bats, great base running, a little bit of luck and a great hit from Nicola to push across 4 runs in the fourth, setting up for an exciting finish.

The pressure was on early with the Hot Rods coming out firing with their bats to push runners into scoring position. However with some good fielding and pitching Sandlot held on for a 9-6 win.

It was an all round great win, with Some great at bats by Jacob, Harry and Bray, with Chris improving each week behind the plate. While there was some coach killing moments, there was also lots of great plays and decisions being made by the team.

The Sandlot now are comfortably into Post Season baseball in the coming weeks, so we will start ramping up at training ready to take on the finals.

Great win Sandlot!!

Saturday Seniors

Caspers Cartel

The Cartel were home team at the Casperdome for the first time this year and we came to play a grudge match against the Red Sox Devils who wiped the floor with us at our last meeting. We were playing one short and it was stinking hot, so the odds were against us.

We fielded first and kept the Devils scoreless while getting one across ourselves. The second innings saw the Devils get only two while we got another three across. Things were hotting up but sadly that's where our runs ended with Devils getting five across in the third taking the score to 7-4. The fourth innings was a close contest but the Devils romped home in the fifth innings for an eventual winning score of 12-4.

Damien and Gordo were electric at pitcher and we had some great displays on the bases with Daz, Les, Damien and Liam getting great outs. Willie was a work horse as catcher for the whole game. We also had solid batting particularly from Les, Damien, Daz and Gordo which kept the Devils working hard in the field.

This was a really intense but fun game to be part of and one that we should all be very proud of.

Thanks to Mick G photography for the amazing photos - check out the other photos on his Facebook page .

A big thanks also to Gordo and Gus for doing the umpiring duties for the early game, Les for scoring the early game, Neisha for scoring our game and Liam and Les for raking the diamond at the end. We're really looking forward to next week.


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