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Winter 2021 Round 3-6

Round 3

Caspers Wolfpack

Round 3 saw the Wolf Pack taking on Ghost Riders at Woodlands.

The game started off tight with the Wolf pack up 1-0 at the end of the first.

The game remained tight thanks to Phil’s great pitching and the Wolf Pack started to pull away as the Farrell boys led the way with the bats.

The Riders mounted a rally at near the end of the game but it was shut down thanks to some excellent fielding.

The game ended with Wolf Pack on top with a comfortable 8-2 win.

Round 5

Caspers Sub Zeros

Gilchrist Oval was a sea of green jerseys on Friday night for the all-Caspers match-up between the Sub-Zero’s and the Derby.

Consistent batting and great base running helped the Sub-Zero’s jump out to an early lead, and set the scene for the game.

The offence was backed up with great pitching by Tainan and solid defence across the park. Phill made a great running catch at centre and the infield all did their job, although Paul proved he’s no Baden Shipp with an ill-directed ‘flick’ to gift Flynn an extra bag

Thanks to more great pitching by T, the error didn’t cost us and we kept the score sheet clean throughout.

Later innings produced some great hitting, with some monsters from Todd, Phill, Clay, Blake and Dave giving the Derby outfield nightmares and producing an in-park homer for Phill. Phill’s home run was nearly over-shadowed by a clutch at bat late in the game with a near perfect bunt down 3rd base line by Paul showing great touch.....pity none of the runners on base knew it was on....or the fact it wasn’t really needed....but a nice bunt anyway.

Other stand-outs include Rheya’s patient batting throughout to get on-base every at bat, De producing a ripper drive through the infield to back up her solid defence on 1st base, and Clay’s near-perfect game behind the plate.

In the end, big raps to Tainan who finished off his fantastic game all round with tight pitching to secure the win 13 - 0.

Big thanks to Derby for a fun game played in great spirit. Also huge thanks to our scorers Rhyleigh and Lesleigh, and all our supporters who braved the cold.

Caspers Cartel

It was a sunny, windy freezing cold Saturday afternoon at Woodlands when we took on the Ghosts Mets. They had 14 players and we had a bare 9. We batted first but couldn't get any across the plate. Trev opened the pitching with fantastic stats of 6 balls and 12 strikes. Unfortunately that didn't convert to outs and the opposition got 5 across the plate. We answered with zero across the plate again. The second innings saw Baden take to the mound but again, despite some classic Baden pitching with plenty of strikes, the Ghosts Mets got another 5 across the plate. The umpire was wondering when he should call mercy with the score at 10-0.

However, the tide began to turn in the third innings when we managed to get 6 across which culminated in a sensational hit from Will which got Trev and Willie home as our 5th and 6th. It was one of our best innings ever. We put Damo in to pitch and he did some damage with 3 out in 4 batters which included a strike out and some great plays to Rob in first. We kept them at 10. Damo took to the mound again for the fourth innings and kept them to just one across, we responded with three more of our own which brought the score to 11-9.

Unfortunately in the fifth innings, we couldn't get any more across and the Ghosts Mets scored another four bringing the final score to 15-9.

It was a superb effort by the Cartel and a very fun game which we can all be proud of.

Round 6

Caspers Sub Zeros

Caspers Sub-Zero needed their visas up to date for their Friday night clash with Bankstown, travelling out to Boggabilla for the game.

A strong effort from everyone with the bat and great work from Phill on the mound meant Sub-Zero got off to a flying start and built an early lead. A couple of infield errors gave Bankstown a few unearned runs and a little hope, but Sub-Zero were never really troubled.

Offensively, patient at-bats and some consistent hitting across the entire team were the highlight, capped off with another steal home by Blake ‘I really am’ Quick and another late game bunt from Paul ‘WTF is he doing?’ Hardie.

Defensively, Phill pitched another great game, with the highlight in the field a catch to Rheya at second and a throw to Josh to get the runner at first in a nice double play.

Huge thanks to Dave from Cartel for subbing for us - plenty of on-base at bats by Dave kept the momentum our way at crucial times, so much appreciated Dave.

Also thanks as usual to Rhyleigh for scoring and to our loyal spectators who clocked up the k’s to support us.

Final result was a solid 18 - 6 win.


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