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Round 4 Summer 21/22

Caspers BLOG!!

Lee Richardson Cup

Over 35s

Caspers Crusaders

Crusaders came back after another long break, stingers also looking like they were back after a long break!

As usual, our sketchy hitting didn’t help us much at the start, although Josh got some nice hits and Keno kept us in touch with great base running.

Dave obviously took some hints from Kynan’s running and decided he could beat out the 3rd baseman’s throw to home , turning a gift out into a run in our favour - who are we to question what he was thinking? Phill tested his pitching knee by getting 5 hits - opposition batters that is.

In amongst the beamers was some nice pitching that often went unrewarded by the umpire - can’t be too critical of the ump given he was obviously more worried about getting hit by Phill then actually calling strikes.

Nice fielding by Josh at 1st , great hustle by Corey and Clay in the outfield, Baz keeping it tight at 2nd , and a miracle* tag Kynan kept things close on the scoresheet (*miracle = safe) Blake was rock solid behind the plate as usual and our batting fired up in the last inning to put 5 across and run out winners 11-5.

Thanks Neisha for scoring.

Aussie T-Ball

Caspers Crocodiles

It was a great start back to T-Ball this morning for the Crocodiles. What we lacked in numbers - we definitely made up for in effort.

Aiden was our lead off batter this week and did a great job of setting the team up for the innings.

Declan was solid as our last batter of each innings and is improving every week with his baserunning. Luke and Hendrix formed an awesome combination at pitcher and 1st Base - and Mason listened really well and is doing a great job of getting the ball back to where it needs to go in the field.

Declan and Hendrix scored our Players of the Week this week. Well done boys.

Thanks as always to Janet and Lauren for all of their help - and also a big thanks to our two extra helpers James and Oscar who helped out with the bats and third base coaching.

You legends made our first week back much easier today.


Caspers Raptors

Hi everyone, Glad to finally be back at it playing again with the kids. Unfortunately the wether hasn't helped with training fingers crossed for next week.

But this week's player of the week goes to kenzie, she has been so amazing each and every training session, she always listens and just picks up everything so we'll it spins me out this is here first season playing such an amazing talent. She is always smiling.

Her efforts Saturday stood out for me more than the others , she was first on the field each time, killed every single run and never missed a hit.

I could tell most of the boys were a bit rusty but deffently not Kenzie.

Well done, I'm very proud of you!


Caspers Sandlot

To fit the season in, Sandlot this week had 2 games in 4 days!

On a dark and gloomy Wednesday, when everyone had written the game off with the weather, the Casperdome shone as a beacon of everything that isn’t 2022 so far- Covid free and dry!!

Despite some early drizzle, the sun was out for our clash with top of the table Red Sox Hot Rods. Fielding first, Sandlot looked strong and up for the fight only allowing 2 runs in.

Sandlot quickly hit back with 2 runs of our own.

From there though, Hot Rods dominated with the bat scoring 8 runs over the next 2 innings while the Sandlot bats were waiting for their moment.

Going into the last inning, having kept Hot Rods scoreless, Sandlot took their opportunity to dominate, scoring 8 runs to come away with a remarkable 10-10 tie.

It was a huge game for Sandlot with some clutch at bats- Cooper had his first career hit, Tristian his first double, Carter his first triple, Nicola smashing a walk off to tie it up, Chris and Tommie pitching for the first time this season, and some excellent at bats from Zach, Jacob, Jess and Noah.

Chris even lost a tooth during the game!

The reward was a great result for a team that found their fun, playing under lights in front of other Casper’s teams, including the world beating over 35s who were seen to be asking the players for autographs and tips after the game!!

Player of the week went to Cooper for his first ever hit!!

Going into Saturday, it was always going to be tough up against a well drilled and disciplined Mets team. Brayden was outstanding on the mound, and backed up by some excellent fielding.

Tommie and Noah closed out the game only allowing 4 runs from a fired up Mets lineup.

Again the sandlot bats woke late but with a bang, putting together 2 solid innings of hitting, patient walks and excellent running to come away with a solid 8-4 win.

Player of the week this week was too hard to determine as everyone played their part for an excellent win, so everyone was awarded it this week with Zooper Doopers all round!

Thank you to the big crowd that came out to watch, especially to the Caspers seniors (who again might have been seen asking for some tips) to cheer the good guys and girls in green home.


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