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Round 3 Catch up!

Lee Richardson Cup

Over 35s

Caspers Barbarians

A last minute change to the venue saw the Barbarians take on the Cubs at home for the first time this season. We started off the first innings with loaded bases but it wasn't to be with the Cubs pitcher doing his job well. On the field Luke pitched up a storm with support from our infield with some cracking plays from Jamie in 2nd and Les in first to keep the Cubs to a low score. 2nd innings at bat was a 3up 3down affair but again, in the field, we managed to keep the Cubs to a relatively low score. Mel took to the mound for the 3rds innings to pitch and came away with a series of impressive strikes. The Barbarians rallied in the 4th innings to get 4 across the plate which was kicked off by a huge double base hit from Damien to bring two runners across the plate. In the end, we went down 9-4 but we had a lot of fun doing it. Another stellar effort from the team with smiles all round. Thanks to Neisha for her awesome scoring and Baden for base coach.

Caspers Crusaders

The Caspers Crusaders travelled to Casula for their round 3 clash. In what could only be described as "trying conditions" and only having the bare nine players the Crusaders took on MBL newbies the St Marys Saints. The top of the first inning got off to a good start with the team getting 2 runs, but unfortunately with starting pitcher Josh A pitching his heart out the defence let him down and let in 4 runs to give the Saints an early lead. Thankfully that was the last time the Saints would trouble to scorers. The good guys in Green and Gold got their bats working once again, and finally the fielding gloves woke up and when the dust settled Caspers won the game 8 to 4. Special mention to Josh A who pitched his heart out, Phill R who came onto the mound to close and also had a multi hit game, and to Corey H who made a spectacular catch in Centrefield. Many Thanks to Conor who stepped up to replace our regular scorer who was ill and to our small crowd who came along for support.


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