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Round 6 Catch up!

Lee Richardson Cup Over 35's

Caspers Barbarians

The Barbarians were at Woodland this week taking on the Ghosts Night Riders. It was a very tight contest for the first two innings with Barbarians getting two home and holding the Night Riders to zero. We had some great pitching from Luke and a fantastic play from from Daniel in short stop to Les at 1st base. The third innings saw Damien come in to pitch. He did a fantastic job and kept the Night Riders to two across the plate to even up the score. The innings finished with a screamer of a catch from Luke at third base which had us searching for a slo-mo replay button to work out how he did it. Unfortunately the game got away from us with the Night Riders winning with a final score of 9-3. There was a lot to like about this game tonight with some great batting displays and tight fielding. A win is only a matter of time. Go Barbarians!

Caspers Crusaders

After a couple of washout in the past 2 weeks the Caspers Crusaders were once again down to the bare 9 for their Round 6 clash against Red Sox Vikings. Due to a very poor starting pitching performance the Crusaders quickly found themselves down by 7 by the end of the second inning. A change in pitcher quietened the Red Sox bats down which enabled the Caspers bats to finally wake up but unfortunately it was too little too late as Red Sox ran out winners 8 to 3. The Caspers Crusaders look to bounce back next round against Red Sox Slammers next Friday Night 6:30pm at the Casperdome.

Aussie T-Ball

Caspers Raptors

Today our little Raptors travelled over to Woodlands where we played againist the Camden Red Sox Rookies. Both of our teams were packed with 9 players a side. So we were set for a little bit longer than usual game for the kids.

Everyone had all their turns in batting and took on various positions while fielding. We had the odd collisions, where we would have 4-5 of us running for the ball. But thats okay, it gives us something to work towards at training.

This weeks player of the match went to Michael. Michael is slowly but surely coming out of his shell. Today he showed his big hits and a great effort being catcher. It's great to see our new players getting out there and getting so involved! Well done Michael!

Caspers Turbos

This weeks game has shown just how far our little turbos have come since the start of the season.

It was great to see all of the kids getting out there, hitting really well and even taking turns with fielding. All of our players have shown a vast improvement of all of their skills. With a massive improvement of base running knowledge, throwing, hitting, and fielding the ball without all running in like seagulls to a chip. A huge congratulations to Malakai for taking out player of the week and Oxton for playing his 1st complete game of the season.. It was great to see Noah bounce back from a mid game meltdown and finish with a smile on his face. Eden and Chayse for playing the whole game with a smile from ear to ear, Mac and Lachie with some excellent fielding. And Odin for some absolutely huge hits with the bat. Hopefully next week we will be able to get Ollie on the field a bit more.


Caspers Grasshoppers

The Grasshoppers travelled to Hilder today to take on the Red Sox Raptors. We only had 8 players but we played a great game nonetheless. Everyone really stepped up with great batting. Wednesday night fielding drills are really paying off with some great communication between fielders resulting in some great plays, particularly between Steve and Jaxon and between Rhyan and Dexter. The Inspirational Design Player of the Week went to Steve who really excelled both at the bat and on the field. The Macca's award went to Eric for his great listening and attitude as well as consistent batting and putting a big effort out on the field.

Thank you once again to our major sponsor Little Buddies Early Learning Centre and to Meg, Haylee, Carl and Kirsty for helping organise, warm up, base coach and photos.

Caspers Cyclones

With Coach Kynan away again this week, Coach Lily led the Cyclones against an excited Ghosts at Hilder Reserve. The Cyclones had their bats turned up to loud, smashing the ball and putting into practice what we learned at training with base running, turning their hits into doubles! In the field, some outstanding throwing and hard running chasing down some huge Ghosts hits. The Cyclones are coming along together well and it’s really starting to show on the field. This week saw some an additional challenge of Covid restrictions with Health on site auditing Hilder- all of the Cyclones took it in their stride and still had an awesome game. Player of the week this week was Jaxon, with some excellent listening, fielding and base running. Another amazing game this week by the Cyclones- you all should be so happy with how you are all playing boys!!

-Coach Lily


Caspers Sandlot

The Sandlot this week were at the Casperdome to take on Lakers and were looking to ‘keep the fun’ again for round 6. Bray started on the hill this week, and after a little wobble early, found the zone and pounded it often restricting Lakers to only 2 runs in the first two innings. Again the Sandlot were patient in the box with some good at bats to keep the runs flowing to get an early lead and hold it to the end. Harry then took the ball throwing hard and getting some good outs, however Lakers worked hard to score some runs in their last innings. But the good guys and girls in green were too good on the day and took the game 12-6. Everyone is improving, keeping the fun and learning and growing as a group which is most pleasing for us as coaches. The Inspirational Design Joinery Player of the Week was Harry with some good pitching and hitting. For showing great reliance and teamwork, the McDonalds award this week went to Tommie.

Saturday Seniors

Caspers Cartel

It was a tough day at the office for the Cartel when we came up against the Mets Astros. Our first at bat was three up and three down. The second innings sadly was not much better. The third innings saw Gus become the first to make contact with the ball to get to first base, followed by Gordo. From there we started to get some traction with the bat but managed only one across the plate when Trev made another trade mark scramble from 2nd and rounded third on a passed ball to just scrape in. In the field, we only had 8 players which made it tough in the outfield as the Mets were making some big hits. Willie in particular was getting a lot of business at left field. I think he might be putting a claim in over-time for the amount of work he put in. We had some displays of brilliance from Gordo who made a one man double play at third with a catch and tag. Jamie discovered the joy of an infield fly when she attempted a catch at 2nd, was disappointed she didn't quite make it but then discovered the batter was out anyway. Happy days. Trev and Damien stepped up for pitching duties but found it to be a tough day on the mound. We really gave it our all but we were under strength and most definitely out gunned. Despite it all, we are a new team with many fresh faces. We all had fun and learnt some new things about this strange game called baseball. Final score was 15-1.


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