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Round 10 Catch Up!

Aussie T-Ball

Caspers Raptors

For our last game of the year, our little Raptors played against our other Caspers side the Turbos. And our boys loved wearing their yellow training shirts to mix it up!

From playing them in our first game, we can see that both teams have improved out of sight.

Everyones hitting today was the best it has been all season. They all weren't going straight, they were going left, then right, up high, short bunts and long smashers. You name it we saw it!

Just as good as our hitting was our fielding. We all now know to throw the ball to first base then to our catcher. We've minimized our collisions when chasing for the ball and took turns to who gets the ball.

All of our boys should be extremely proud of themselves! And just as much to all of us parents! Without your support and bringing the kids out to training and their games each week they wouldnt be growing as much as what they have already. So thank you so much!

This weeks player of the match goes to Koby. Koby is our youngest player in the side being only 3. And the past few weeks you would catch him laying on the bench and have a bottle. But this week we had him field all 4 rounds, had a little support batting 3 times and then finally on his last hit decided he'd do it by himself. For everyone in our team knows thats a huge effort from the little guy. Well done!


Caspers Grasshoppers

The Grasshoppers once again brought there A game for thus round. We were up against stiff competition from the Red Sox Voyagers. But the Grasshoppers were not fazed. We started off with the bat with most players hitting crackers into the outfield which saw multiple double base runs.

On the diamond the communication between the players was excellent with Oscar Rixon being a real standout with his calling for the ball. He also ot two outs by fielding and tagging the base twice in a row causing the crowd to jump to their feet and cheer. This earned Oscar the Maccas award while Steve got the Inspirational Design Joinery player of the week award for his excellent batting, his out at 2nd base and his consistency in the field.

As always, thank you to our sponsor Little Buddies Early Learning Centre for your continued support and to Kirsty for her great photos and Daz, Chris, Nathan, Grant and Liam for your help out on the diamond and in the dugout.

Saturday Seniors

Caspers Cartel

The Cartel travelled westward to take on the Mets Marauders at Catherine field. We started short but felt like we held our own until our 9th arrived. First innings Mets got 7 across the plate and we got two of our own across. In the second innings we held them to two home but got none ourselves. Unfortunately things really blew out in the third and fourth. With a final score of 23-6. Damien and James took on the pitching duties and made some in roads but we had difficulty containing the big hits in the field. Willie took on the catching duties for the entire game and did a fantastic job. It was,still an enjoyable game and apart from a couple of grand slams from the opposition, we felt we were competitive in many aspects of the game. Bring on 2021!


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