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Round 8 Catch up!

Over 35s Lee Richardson Cup

Caspers Barbarians

The Barbarians dropped like flies before the game even got underway on Friday night. Between injuries, new babies, flat tyres and uniforms, we managed to field just seven players for the opening innings. It was all understandable and unavoidable, this just happens sometimes. But a super human effort from De saw our numbers swell to eight early on.

We were taking on the Moorebank Royals at Moorebank in the early game. James opened the pitching and got plenty of strikes. Unfortunately though, Moorebank crossed the plate more times than we would have liked. On the mound James made history by discovering a new rule called pitchers interference. Good for a laugh and set the tone for the rest of the game. On the plate, our bats found the ball on plenty of occasions but the ball found the the Moorebank fielders. Daniel was our only player across the plate, scoring twice. We had some fantastic hits from Damien, Les and Daniel to get us all on base.

De took pitching duties for the third innings and was the only pitcher to get three out. Damien pitched the fourth and did a great job getting the ball to the batters there were some big hits to centre field with a sensational catch taken between Les and James. Although the catch of the night (in the author's opinion) came from a screamer to third base taken by Gus. The final score was 23 - 2. But again, we took the loss in our stride and had a great time out on the diamond. The player of the week goes to the sun for making seeing anything really difficult for both sides for the first hour. Bring on round 9.


Caspers Grasshoppers

The Grasshoppers were firing on all cylinders on Saturday against an under strength Bankstown Sports. Everyone had great success with the bat sending Bankstown scrambling in the outfield on many occasions. Once again the fielding training is really paying for off for the team. Standouts today were Oscar K with the bat, base running and fielding, earning him the Maccas award. Rhyan earned the Inspirational Design Joinery player of the week award for his batting and fielding as well as getting two out on first base. Jaxon and Steve had a blinder in the pitcher position getting the ball to first base frequently and Bennie consistently calling for the ball and fielding it beautifully. A huge thanks to Steve, Rhyan, Oscar R, Jaxon and Bennie for extra fielding duties to help out Bankstown.

We had an enormous support crowd today to cheer them on, it is always wonderful to see how everyone gets behind them every week. Thanks again to out team sponsors Little Buddies Early Learning Centre for their continued support.

LLMPP Caspers Sandlot

Looking to maintain their streak, the Sandlot this week took on a Moorebank outfit looking to steady their season at the haloed Casperdome.

Jess started on the hill this week, and after a shaky start and some nerves with her brother calling balls and strikes, she found her zone and finished the first inning strongly after Moorebank managed to grab a few runs.

The Caspers bats were once again very patient and it paid off, with some quality at bats meaning plenty of base runners with some timely hits giving the Sandlot the lead after the first.

Jess came back out strong hitting the zone, before Noah took over and continued his good year on the mound.

Again quality at bats meant lots of base runners with timely hits from Jacob, Chris, Noah, and Jess kept the runs flowing.

After causing a few (more)grey hairs for the coach loading the bases in the third, Noah closed out the game quickly in the top of the fourth inning and the good guys and girls in green took the game 12-3.

Everyone, no matter how small it feels, is playing their part in this team. While we started flat this week, we are working hard to keep the fun and backing each other.

Simple things properly is one of the favourite Sandlot sayings, and this season they are all doing that well which is showing in how they are all developing. Keep it up Sandlot!!

Saturday Seniors

Caspers Cartel

It was a sultry afternoon with the threat of a storm when the Cartel faced off against the Camden Braves on Saturday afternoon.

Sadly, the storm did not eventuate and we were destined to weather a storm of a different kind. From the start, the Cartel were out gunned by an in form Braves outfit. We had little success with the bat or on the field in the first two innings. Our first on base was Daz who got a solid infield hit after a bit of a friendly 'altercation' with the plate umpire, thanks ump for being a good sport and playing along. There is a pattern developing here I think.

Gordo started to find some form with the ball in the third innings which saw two consecutive pitches hit to Liam at third base who fielded and tagged the base in sensational style.

The fourth innings saw Damien take to the mound and immediately saw some results with a strike and another two pitches fielded by James at third base including a great catch.

New comer Will ('big' Will, so as not to be confused with Willie) took a sensational catch on the boundary at centre field which saved a certain home run - it was only his second game.

Once again Willie (not to be confused with Will) took on catching duties. He's like the terminator, you just can't stop him. A big thanks to Jamie for taking to the field with almost no sleep after the arrival of her brand new baby, and of course to Steph who was cool with letting her play. The team really owes you guys big time for your massive commitment.

The final score was 15 - 0. But as always, we all left the field with a massive grin on our faces. We all had so much fun and the Braves and umpires were awesome sports too and of course Neisha our most amazing scorer.


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